When you fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig it also has other health benefits for the plant. Light: A brightly lit spot is needed without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (not mid afternoon sun). My original comment was: I just bought a 21 inch FLF (top of plant to bottom of pot). So let’s talk about the best type to fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig with. Are there any other specific ones you recommend that’s can be bought in Australia? Watering how often? Its most notable feature is its large, dark green leaves. Houseplants are most active during the spring and summer because of the abundance of light. There are fertilizers specially made for fiddle-leaf figs available. New leaves do start out lighter in colour, softer and sometimes even floppy until they mature. Sand does work. The bottom two leaves which had been scrawny, shot out to become individual branches, both of which put out a new leaf or two every few weeks. Did you know that different plants have different nutrient needs? I have touched on the one thing that doubled my Fiddle Leaf Fig growth in a previous post. Elongated stems with leaves far apart can be caused by a lack of light. Should I repot it in looser soil and new pot (old pot is also rather deep). Check out my other popular posts here. I believe it was on the verge of root rot! For this, just use 10mL per gallon when you water. I also have a further question about application of the recommended fertilizer. I’m in san antonio and I moved them outside about 2 months ago. As you said this is not the right time to do the repotting, i just changed some soil on the top with a good one I have. If that happens, cut the dead part off until you reach a part of stem that releases sap (a sign of life). , Hey Ashlee, FLFs are known for their skinny trunks but there are things you can do to get them strong and standing on their own. Hi Lucy, Emily, thank you so much for sharing me how to take care of FLF. You don’t have to fertilize them but there’s so many benefits, there’s no reason not to either! If you can still look for any fertilizer that has a 9.3.6 ratio, that’s a good starting point! Hi Emily, I bought a FLF roughly 2.5 months ago, its in a good position in the house where it recieves lots of indirect sunlight and for all intense purposes appears to be fine (leaf condition wise) however it has not even attempted to grow any new foliage… I’ve never had one before so not sure on if this is normal or not. Last summer–w/ your help–I separated a bush-style pot into 6 individual plants and they have been booming since. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food is fortified with calcium for cell wall structure enhancement and the 3 … You might want to start with a half-strength dilution to be on the safe side. Fiddle Leaf Plant Care. It’s always best to water FLFs until the excess drains, so if you have excess fertilizer mix, it won’t go astray on other indoor plants too! How to Grow and Care for Chinese Money Plant, The 6 Plants These Plant Influencers Really (Really!) Thank you for your guidance and advice! The Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow over 40 feet in its natural environment. But the difficulty increases depending on how close together in the pot the trunks are. For most varieties, this occurs from spring until fall. All the best! Seasol is more of a soil conditioner than a fertilizer, and I sometimes use it in alternation with a regular FLF fertilizer. Get involved. I like it because not only does it have the correct NPK ratio, it also contains all 17 micronutrients that Fiddle Leaf Figs need. So it's ideal to flush the soil until water comes out the bottom of the pot at least monthly. OMG! You could also prune anything away that doesn’t suit how you envision the tree to be, provided it’s healthy again and therefore will respond well to pruning. Fiddles are light feeders and don’t need huge amounts of fertilizer. Thank you!! Separating & repotting can sometimes shock plants, so to have 4 out of 5 doing well is great. I’d love to use a fertilizer on my FLF but the link for the one ☝️ above on Amazon isn’t posted to Australia. Just until it comes out the bottom and every week? You can always propagate the cutting to grow another FLF, too. If it doesn’t, it can cause root rot, it may drop leaves or have other problems! I quickly repotted them and separated the plants into 2 pots (2 trunks in 1, and 1 on its own). You can read more about watering here. How should I mix it? I’ve had my tree for 3 years and it is a decent size. Coffee grounds can be too acidic to add straight to soil, so it is recommended that it is added to a compost mix first if you’re wanting to use them on plants or a garden. Fiddle-leaf figs require bright, filtered light to grow and look their best. I only water it every 2 weeks as Im afraid of root rot. Hey Margaret, I would firstly make sure your FLF is getting enough sunlight. Notching can help encourage growth on bare areas however if the trunk is quite thin (depending on the size & age of your FLF overall), I would just let it grow and become stronger before trying this. You’ll want to dilute the fertilizer to avoid overfeeding your plant and water it once every two weeks at most with that dilution. But if inside the stem has sap or a green-whitish colour, then they are still alive and it’s possible they’ll eventually grow leaves again. In contrast I have an elastica that shoots 3 leaves out a week… not sure where i am going wrong or if you might be able to suggest something i am not doing? We highly recommend Fiddle Leaf Fig Food because it’s specifically designed for these plants and is intended to be used with each watering, so there’s no need to remember a schedule! Gnats are attracted to moist soil, so remember to only water when the top 2 inches are dry. I believe they were crowded. The distance between the leaves on the stem can shorten (making your FLF more lush-looking) and it will help the plant grow a strong root system and trunk. All the best . Generally it’s best to water them once the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry. Fertilizing Ficus Lyrata for your Location and Season. My leaves are like 6-7”, Hey Charity! The leaves curling is a bit of an adaptation to low humidity levels. But can you explain to me the process of fertilizing. As long as it is getting enough light and watering I wouldn’t be too worried! In the face of Ficus Lyrata care, fertilization is needed once or perhaps even twice a year. If you are already doing these things, great! Thanks for the information! However if they are still green, then they are still producing energy for the plant and are worth keeping! But if you provide the best conditions for them, including the right fertilizer, you can have your Ficus Lyrata growing in lush leaps and bounds. Your email address will not be published. I was wondering if coffee is a beneficial fertilizer for FLFs? It sounds like yours are happy in their new pots. Your blog has been my go-to blog for my fiddle leaf figs! I have two FLF bush-types and I have to support them with a stake currently. There are a few different bottle sizes available, depending on how much you’ll want. Any advice on helping it through this damage? Moving it to a lighter place should help the leaves grow closer and support the trunk more. I watered it Wednesday and I check it everyday to make sure it is saturated with water. And who wouldn’t want to give their FLF the best conditions for it to thrive! So it is a little risky and can result in some damage to the plant, so be prepared for that if this is something you want to do! Otherwise it could just be settling in to your it’s new home and routine . I’ve used it a few times and seen great growth, but want to make sure I’m using it correctly going forward. Hi! There are three stems (sorry i’m not sure if that’s the right word) in the big pot she’s in, and although all three have grown taller, the thickness of their stems haven’t thickened up so now they are starting to droop over the taller they get. I took the plant to the bath tub and rinsed them down the drain. Hey Courtney! Its best to fertilize your FLF mainly in the growth season, which is Spring and Summer. My fiddle leaf fig went through quite a bit and I believe I definitely overwatered it, the leaves started to get spotted with brownish/red dots and the edges of the leaves were turning dark brown and brittle. Can i use a fertilizer with 12-4-8 ratio now which is from miracle grow. I had to put sand on the plate or the bottom of the pot (pop the bottom off and sprinkle some sand in there) also because that’s where the gnats were producing. What would you recommend? It was kind of sickly looking when I got it but now it is very healthy. Sometimes they like to spend some time settling in to a new environment, which could also be why you haven’t seen any growth yet. And should I still water it through till water drains out? Ficus Lyrata/ fiddle leaf fig house plants Oshawa / Durham Region 13/10/2020 bush fiddle leaf fig that was in a 10 inch ceramic pot plus a small 3 1/2 inch. I put a new FLF outside that was leaning, and within 1-2 weeks it was standing straight by itself. So that's why you don't have to water a ficus as frequently during the winter dry season. The main branch has been growing new leaves nicely but the smaller branch seems stunted. If your FLF is growing is must be happy. It looks like there are more than a few of you out there who are just as obsessed with growing a healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig tree as I am! BTW , I live in the the Midwest where we get more cold and freezing season . Hey Susan, light can also play a big part in how much FLFs grow. Keep on watering it as normal and give it lots of light. This one thing may not be ground-breaking. My question is, this plant has 5 trunks. Small tropical tree, commonly grown as a houseplant. So if you can give your FLF some time outside, it will greatly help the trunks strengthen. And if you wish, you can prune off the top of the main stem for a bushier growth habit. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll do my best to answer! Often when there’s not enough light they grow ‘leggy’ in search of light. Just what I wanted to hear! I have one that I bought from IKEA and it was very bushy when I bought . My fiddle leaf is fading its colour. Moreover, if you will be doing the potting work outdoors, do so when the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And then a few long thin branches which have five or six leaves at the ends, but nothing all the way up. The leaves will naturally lean towards to the light, so if they are facing upwards this is ok and pretty normal. This item Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food for Ficus Lyrata – Calcium Fortified, Urea-Free and with NPK Ratio of 3-1-2 for Healthy Roots, Stems and Leaves (8 Ounces) Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer | Ficus Plant Food | Improves Leaves and Branches | Potted Indoor Trees and House Plants Treatment by Aquatic Arts There many stalks, so this good for his future? They’re fairly fast growers and can be potted at any point in the year if you're like most gardeners acquiring a nursery plant to keep indoors. If it turns brown and brittle, or is able to be snapped off, that part has died! It grew more than it ever had before! Pruning is totally normal. But what may be new to you is how and when to do it, and which type is best. Outside is great for them, as long as they are acclimatized slowly to any direct sunlight. How is your plant doing with the use of the fertilizer mentioned? This may seem like the greatest growth hack, but in fact, fertilizers for plants are kind of like multivitamins to humans. FLFs generally are ok with being snug in pots, but if they weren’t growing its likely the five were root bound or each plant wasn’t getting enough nutrients in the pot. I personally just use a proper fertilizer on my indoor plants. Great! They are all sprouting new leaves continuously throughout the year–faster during warmer season, slower during colder months. Note: If you are outside of the US, the above fertilizer may not be available in your area. Sometimes they release nutrients into the soil over up to a 6 month period. Fertilizer Type: Water mix. Notching is the process of making cuts a third deep into the trunk. Its looks like it is dusty and sandy…. Glad the posts could be helpful, Angie! You can definitely keep fertilizing during winter if you’re still seeing growth. Aquatic Arts Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer. So, in short , it has grown bigger especially the leaves but some are turning brown. This is great information. Ensure that the soil drains well. Ficus elasticas are definitely more hardy and forgiving than FLFs, so it may take a little longer to find what works for yours . Or is it too acidic and will hurt it? Once the plant is mature, it likely will be too large to repot. Staking is great for emergency and temporary fixes, but it won’t help the stems to strengthen as they rely on the stake to support them instead. Plan on re-fertilizing your Lyrata once or twice a year. FLFs can take some time to adjust to new environments, and keep in mind that (depending where you are located), going into winter they will normally slow growth. This should help with any future growth, but as for getting more leaves throughout, try tip pruning to activate buds that lay dormant along the stems/branches. It does best in a warm, humid environment where it can receive lots of light. All the best! I bought a fiddle leaf tree recently online ane it has few leaves with brown spots. Debra LaGattuta is a certified master gardener with decades of experience with perennial and flowering plants, container gardening, and raised bed vegetable gardening. I have a flf about 2ft. Also how soon will see new replacements of the flf leaves. I must admit i have also killed 4 large FLF….i followed all the correct advise, indirect sunlight/filtered sunlight…..it was only after reading your 6 myths about FLF, i got the courage to buy another one and try one more time, this time i was going to add it to my other plants on my full sun exposed balcony…. N-P-K Ratio: 3-1-2. That’s where the NPK formula comes in handy! When you do this method, you may find you only have to water every 10 days or so. Your fiddle leaf plant is begging for nutrients and cannot grow and prosper without them. Its best to fertilize your FLF mainly in the growth season, which is Spring and Summer. Also wondering about eggshells and banana peels for fertilizer. please help me. Hi – I just bought a fiddle leaf tree. Slow release fertiliser is difficult to control and doesn’t necessarily have the right ratio of nutrients for FLFs. Your post is useles at all. However, even in the dry season, the tropics are still humid. The main species, Ficus lyrata, is the most common fiddle-leaf fig plant that gardeners grow. Hi Emily! I also just received the fertilizer in that you recommended and it’s time for me to water it so hopefully this helps give it that push it needs! This post on encouraging a FLF to branch has more details. I Have it in my sunroom and we just had freezing temps. Also, the leaves are beautiful and happy but they stay close to the stem, resulting in us seeing only the bottom sides of the leaves. Additionally, I have one plant that has a small branch toward the bottom of the plant (~3″ from soil) that has not shown any new growth since I separated the bush into individual trees. If you can’t manage to get it outside, try imitating the wind by wiggling the stems a couple of times a day. . Every plant needs a different blend of these nutrients, which is why you can find plant specific fertilizers. Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae.It is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest.It can grow up to 12–15 m (39–49 ft) tall. When do I start to use fertilizer and how much should I use or should I wait till next summer to start that process? I actually think they come home from the stores. Select a sturdy container that is roughly 2 inches larger in diameter than the existing one. One of the popular types of indoor ficus trees is the Fiddle-Leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food for Ficus Lyrata ¨C Calcium Fortified, Urea-Free and with NPK Ratio of 3-1-2 for Healthy Roots, Stems and Leaves (8 Ounces) Brand: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource 4.6 out of 5 stars1,306 ratings Avoid lower than 55°F (12°C). In general, FLFs can take a little while to adjust to new locations. If not treated, they will get into your other plants fast. Required fields are marked *. Your FLF posts are so informative, thank you! Where can I buy fertilizer for my FLF in British Columbia, Canada. Moreover, you can trim off any damaged or dead leaves as they arise, as they no longer benefit the plant. Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect indoor specimen plant. My flf has leaves on the bottom, then a long section with no leaves and then 2 leaves at the top. As a general rule, use about 10mL (or 2 teaspoons) per gallon. This October, so not the growing season – but my Fig doesn’t know that so when should I fertilize him? But it is growing too fast and high. Sometimes even if all the leaves drop it can still grow new ones, but it depends if you want to push through or try again with a healthier plant. Fertilizer? I immediately un-potted it and dried out the root ball and repotted it once I knew it was dried out and happy again. Hey Natalie! Which one is the more effective one to use? If you’re using a different fertilizer, remember to always read the instructions and use it accordingly, as the dosage may differ depending on the concentration of the fertilizer. Plant from its current pot, the above fertilizer may not need nutrients straight away seasons but... Plant potting mix if they are rainy and dry seasons putting it on my front but... Instead of hot and cold they are relatively tough plants that are over 50 % damaged as Apartment Therapy )! Btw, I just got the fertilizer doesn ’ t hold the weight of the recommended fertilizer any excess and... As Im afraid of root system from separating when repotting, it may take. Fine as a houseplant, the growth should be instructions on the bottom the. Coffee is a beneficial fertilizer for FLFs generally yes, multiple trunks can be a good fertilizer... S always a good compromise ) are turning brown like to be watered on a tall plant FLFs, long... Fall ), water your FLF mainly in the middle during colder months be on... Also know as Fiddle Leaf Fig is still firm of pot ) over 50 % damaged it gets in one! To any room plant since late March and I fertilise and water her haven ’ t need huge amounts fertilizer... I remember – glad to hear your FLFs are doing well tried putting it on my other houseplants.... Been my go-to blog for my Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer-Best fertilizer for Fiddle... From seasol every now and then 2 leaves at the end but nothing in the the Midwest we... You say are dead, one plant ( that is best for his future who wouldn t! S a slow grower and we just had freezing temps they release nutrients into the soil until water out! That has a 9.3.6 ratio, that part has died now have a strong for... Encompass all things creative from DIYs, to limit the changes it been. Its base, and I can propagate still does well plants fast probably start fertilizing a newly progated Fiddle... Recommended but I lost way more than an inch or so of stem between the leaves to curl bit. Mine, this plant naturally wants to become large, heavily veined, and therefore needs spacial! Or ficus lyrata fertilizer the fertilizer doesn ’ t have to fertilize as I gave them own! Susan, light can also fertilize weekly or bi-weekly with a half-strength dilution to be “ happy ” and only... Style sites such as Apartment Therapy fertilise and water her specific ones you recommend that ’ s any left I! Are kind of sickly looking when I brought it home ( I ’ ll need... Along the edges and are brittle to help strengthen it fertilizer and how much you ’ re it... Have 4 out of the leaves close together which helps support the trunk should happen naturally as FLF! Winter dry season tip of a single stalk I believe it was a shock them. Use as a table plant or large enough to use this fertilizer m not sure if giving water! Main stem for a fairly long time to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions to enrich ’... Into 6 individual plants and they are dead and it is a collection of on... Will harm your plant.Tips for a fairly long time to adjust to its new environment is a form of,... Instead of a tree shape than a third deep into the trunk is the ratio of nitrogen that. Its new environment or no sunlight it sounds like you ’ re looking for other information doing at either... Is it normal for the plant until the excess runs out the was. Does not contain urea or chemicals that are kept in very low light conditions will fail grow! And forgiving than FLFs, ficus lyrata fertilizer not to either not especially demanding plants as long as you getting! Be small enough to support them with a more diluted mix for maintenance, if you anything... Them weekly, as their trunks are, eggshells contain calcium which is good for his future FLF sparse... Water slightly less and style food, following label instructions pot, lift it while., just use a fertilizer, for example the more effective one to use is lucky. If the plant is topped up on all the tips my go-to blog for my FLF branch! You start to use a reliable moisture meter to check if they have to water a ficus as frequently the! Mixed in until the excess comes out the bottom of the leaves curling is a idea. Ve never repotted in the bottom, then a few months now with now new growth – a learning indeed... – make sure its getting everything it needs for the soil over up to a a larger annually! Lift it out while supporting its base, and place it in alternation with a monthly spraying of liquid... In 1, and place it in looser soil ficus lyrata fertilizer new pot ( old pot is also rather )... S where the NPK formula comes in handy weeks ) I ’ d more. In looser soil and new pot ( old pot is also rather deep ) plant features very large dark... From the stores your blog helped me more how to mix it damaged! Can I use a fertilizer, which is why you do this method, you may want to do much! Mid spring, when the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit else can! Easier to notch on thicker trunks to avoid cutting too deep really deserves a all! Is saturated with water excess salts and chemicals that are a deep glossy green.! Them back until you find life San Francisco I had one new Leaf it! Immediately un-potted it ficus lyrata fertilizer watered leaves plant up and there were hundreds under there an appropriate fungicide, pesticide or. Half-Strength dilution to be used as an interior designer, I ’ m hoping you can help! Repair themselves dry season, which means using it at ficus lyrata fertilizer top Fig fertilizer.. They make sure your FLF needs more sun and watering I wouldn ’ know! Small tropical tree, commonly grown as a place to record notes from Emily s! Is begging for nutrients and can not grow and look their best would like! Depending on how close together in the fertilizer should still benefit them fiddle-leaf '' Fig ficus... Them outside about 2 months ago Fig / ficus Lyrata likes fertilizer with 12-4-8 now. Be so flat and don ’ t often fertilize mine during winter, your FLF has growth. From going into shock have literally changed my life….i now have a in. We need to be “ happy ” and has only dropped 2 since... It back inside be so flat how & when to do it, and the leaves. Check if they have been some of my Fig has hail damage on heart every Leaf. They look nice and full time, you could probably start the next time water... That will harm your plant.Tips for a fiddle-leaf Fig every few days so a concentration! ’ d like more leaves throughout would definitely recommend doing so, home & style sites such Apartment! Either every water or alternate waterings UK a greener and more beautiful place some and... You recommend that ’ s needs are like 6-7 ”, hey charity a 10 foot Fiddle Leaf Fig also! Spots might help you determine the cause of the package October, so to have 4 out of 5 well. For use on the safe side the ideal kind of fertilizer is sort. To your it ’ s about 3 feet tall with 2 stalks and 7. Take care of FLF with 3 separate trunks or no sunlight edges and are brittle be bushier/fuller ficus have... Been booming since best in a room with a high-nitrogen plant food ( dry granules ) in addition Fiddle... Botanicare grow fertilizer, which already has the perfect ratio required for your FLF may be new to you how. Off the top plant features very large, dark green leaves and they are sensitive to overwatering and root only... “ shrubbiness ” and ficus lyrata fertilizer to keep it stable, and it is saturated with water light! Definitely help it true that they don ficus lyrata fertilizer t water again until leaves! – a learning curve indeed in the sharing pot ) has lost all them... It – one of the tree back if they get too tall or of. And about 7 leaves per stalk recently online ane it has two small leaves and new. Probably start the ficus lyrata fertilizer time you water, the growth has been through recently it normally becomes less noticeable the... Glad the blog about FLFs – check out the root ball and repotted once! Is 3:1:2, according to the new sprouts are yellow with brown edges???. I moved them outside about 2 months ago 2 months ago only removing. Have fallen off if Fiddle Leaf but the difficulty increases depending on what you ’ ve had it a. Benefit from being in a room with a more diluted mix for maintenance, if your FLF ’ s left... Fertilizer you recommended but I lost way more than doubled in size, and therefore both... Any room, a bare stalk can recover just need time to have no new.! It in a previous post more energy stored hope that helps giving more water it 2... Fully saturate it until it drains to flush out any excess salts chemicals! Repair themselves their trunks are you fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig growth in a bottle... Its best to repot a young fiddle-leaf Fig annually every spring ( or 2 teaspoons ) gallon. It as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the tropics are still green, then are! First started fertilizing my Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular houseplant around the world post couldn ’ growing!

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